Let's look at these one by one:

  1. Scars - Yes, scars can be tattooed over BUT these scars must be fully healed (the skin must be white/flesh toned, not red). A good time scale for large scars is 18 months to 2 years. Be aware if you are tattooing over a large scar it could effect the finished look of the tattoo. And remember, a Tattoo will not hide a scar but it can, of course, detract the eye.
  2. Stretch Marks - Yes, stretch marks can be tattooed. But again, not immediately. Leave it at least 6 months for your skinĀ  to recover. Check out the Peacocks & Females sessions gallery for tattoos over stretch marks.
  3. Freckles - Yes, freckles can be tattooed over as long as they are not raised up from the skin.
  4. Moles - NO, you cannot tattoo on or over moles. Your Tattoo Artist should only tattoo up to and around the mole.

    Please take these factors into consideration when deciding on the placement of your tattoo.

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